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  • Curry Sauces (9)

    Curry Sauces
    By using only the freshest and finest ingredients, Anila's have created the perfect taste for an authentic Indian meal and ...
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  • Chutneys, Pickles & Dips (14)

    Chutneys, Pickles & Dips
    Adding variety to the mixture of different products, Anila also provides a delicious selection of pickles, some of which are ...
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    Cookery Classes
    Anila’s Indian Vegetarian cookery classes are satvic and designed to provide you with a variety of tasty nutritious meals ...
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About Anila's Sauces

Anila inherited her skills in the art of cooking from her mother, grandmother and great grandmother. As a working mother Anila identified a gap in the market for authentic curry sauces and in 1998 launched a premium range. Her philosophy is of serving food cooked with love and care using fresh ingredients free from added sugar, gluten, dairy, onion, garlic, preservatives or colouring making them suitable for everyone. Customers continue to enjoy her wonderful products to make delicious curries simply and easily. Based on her customers’ needs Anila introduced chutneys and pickles to complement the range winning numerous awards and the Best Speciality Award for the South East for one of her pickles.

Anila’s sauces are Handmade with Love and Harmony. They are based on traditional family recipes and techniques, made in small batches using the finest, freshest ingredients sourced locally and from all over the world the sauces. Cooked slowly and using twenty-three different spices, the sauces have a homemade quality just like “Mum makes” and there are certainly no imitations. Anila said: “I believe I can bring delicious tastes and flavours to people looking for authentic Indian cooking.”

Complementing her curry sauces Anila extended her range to include chutneys and pickles. Each one is made using only single fruits and vegetables conserving their freshness and giving the true, pure and fresh taste of the fruit tantalizing the tastebuds with every bite. The oil used preserves the exquisite flavour of each product, sealing in the goodness. The chutneys are preserved with sugar and spices enhancing their flavours.

Opening a jar unlocks a natural and authentic taste explosion. In fact preservatives don’t even enter into the equation as each product bares witness to freshness; you need only to taste them to understand the difference. Anila's uniquely produced pickles carefully chosen to marry deliciously with cheeses, curries and snacks to create perfect harmony between taste and sensation.

All of Anila's products can help anyone prepare a traditional Indian meal in 10-15 minutes with delicious accompaniments. Why not try some and see the difference. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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