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About Anila's Sauces

Born in Zimbabwe as the eldest of five children and the first grandchild, Anila started her culinary skills at a very young age, helping her great grandmother, grandmother and mum. She watched and helped her grandmother grind spices and make curries, pickles and chutneys and even poppadums.

Anila arrived in London in 1977 and qualified as a Medical Secretary. Armed with a background of Indian culinary skills she was spending her weekends cooking an array of dishes, snacks and sweets. Anila had a great interest in food and loved cooking interesting meals from all over the world. She started experimenting and adapting an age old recipe to create meals easily after work.

Anila has always been an advocate of efficiency and time reducing methods which first prompted her to make and store the sauce, to enable her to make a curry in minutes. Time was precious as a full time working mother of two and the sauce provided the perfect answer. Many hours were spent weighing, cooking, tasting and sampling before she perfected a quality sauce epitomising some of her qualities that encouraged her to start the business.

It enabled her to prepare a traditional Indian meal within half an hour. She is a perfectionist and a good judge; her cooking was always popular among friends and family for whom she frequently cooked elaborate meals.

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