Lentil Curry Korma Recipe

Make your own very simple Lentil Curry. With lots of Indian lentils to choose from, your taste buds will never get bored with this simple recipe. For this particular recipe, you will need the following ingredients:1 Jar of Anila’s Spicy … Read More

Chilli Pasta Sauce Wrap Recipe

Make a tasty wrap for lunch within minutes! Using Anila’s delicious Chilli Pasta Sauce, this can make an excellent vegetarian lunch. Ingredients:Anila’s Chilli Pasta Sauce (can purchase from site below)Kidney Beans (boiled or from tin)1 Pack of Tortilla Wraps1 cup … Read More

Bhell Recipe

Learn how to make the Indian favourite appetizer ‘Bhell’. Simple to make and has a very addictive taste. Ingredients:Anila’s Tamarind and Date ChutneyBoiled Potatoes (cubed)Chick Peas (from tin or boiled)Bombay Mix